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Corporate Offices

1 Gabriel Glide Inc.
Mailing Address:
11 Ramapo Rd.
Garnerville, N.Y., 10980Phone: 845-942-0100
Toll Free: 1-800-3GABRIEL
Fax: 845-942-0159
2 Gabriel Glide Inc.
Hudson, NY
3 Gabriel Glide Inc.
China Grove, NC
Phone: 704-857-3366
Fax: 704-857-1180
4 Gabriel Glide Inc.
Deer Park, NY
Phone: 631-586-0020
Fax: 631-586-0051


Facilities of Gabriel Glide


Our Beginning in Haverstraw NY in the early 1960’s.


A management team always here to assist you.


For 62 years, Gabriel Glide Inc. the “All American, by Americans” Manufacturer and Supplier of glides and accessories for the furniture industry.
7 Injection Molding Capacity 35 Presses – 1 oz. – 60 oz. Including 15 Insert Injection Molding Machine
8 Extensive Facilities for Stamping as well as Waterbury-Farrel 10 Station Deep Drawn Presses.
500-Ton-Engel-Injection-Molding-Machine-1 State of the art 350 Ton Press Molding Machines.
9 Cold Heading Screw Capacity 1/8 to 1/2 inch.Screw Length ½’’ to 5”
10 250 Ton Press Injection Molding Machines For Insert Molding Parts (Poly Pro & Poly Styrene)
11 150 Tone Press Injection Molding Machines For Insert Molding Parts For Rubber & TPR Operations.
 Our state of the art facility.
12 Gabriel’s Logistic Transportation.